Inbound Call Center services

Our Inbound services meet your exact requirements and ensure that you manage your customer relationships successfully. Our well trained and experienced customer care representatives attend to customer queries with utmost efficiency and promptness, thereby ensuring complete customer satisfaction. We provide dedicated inbound call center solutions to ensure that no matter what the call volume, no call is missed. Each and every call is a meaningful and gainful conversation.

We promise the following with our Inbound Call Center Services:

- Reduced cost of operations
- Increased quality of service
- Higher Customer Satisfaction
- Increased Revenues
- Expansion of the Network

Our Inbound Call Center Services include:

- Answering Service
- Customer Service
- Help Desk/ Technical Support Services
- Interactive Voice Response (IVRs)
- Inbound Sales
- Order Taking

Answering Service

Most of the callers hang up once they hear a voicemail. Simply said, a missed call is a missed opportunity. The opportunity which will not going to knock again ever. Can you afford to let it go? To ensure that no call is ever unanswered or left at the mercy of voicemail, we provide dedicated Call Center Executives to take every call. They will also maintain all call records and generate comprehensive reports for you.

We provide outstanding 24x7 Telephone answering services to businesses across the globe, or for specific peak hours, or during off-work hours when your staff goes back home. Our Call Center Agents are genteel and refined, equipped with the best language skills and proficient in the neutral global accent. We combine advanced technology with Industry standard customer service and strive to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Don't miss any calls hereafter! Contact us for complete and the most cost effective phone answering service.

Customer Service

Relationship with client, like each different relationship, depends on whether or not you facilitate them in times of want. If you cannot give help whenever the client is scuffling with your product, then actually the client can select another company next time. Caring for your customers, attending to their concerns and resolving them effectively and efficiently are vital for the business. We offer professional, polite and affable customer service to businesses across the Globe. We make use of a powerful call scripting system and handle the customer queries easily and effectively.

Help Desk / Technical Support Services

Our Call Center Executives at the Technical Help Desk share their expertise with the distraught customers and educate them on the technical know-how. Each satisfied customer availing the service of Technical Help Desk leads to a recommendation of your technology and more customers. Our Agents are trained to provide customers with answers first. They simplify instructions for troubleshooting of the technology products as and when required. We offer you with a dedicated technical team which strives to provide first call resolution for every technical glitch.

The requirement of customers can arise at anytime, beyond the stipulated office hours too. Not addressing their requirement on time and unnecessary delay, leads to dissatisfaction and the customer may never return. With our affordable Call Center Services, you can easily ensure that you are always there for your customer, even if the need arises at any hour.

Interactive Voice Response (IVRS) - Voicemail | Unified Messaging | Automated Customer Service

Interactive Voice Response or IVR is a computerized phone technology that allows a computer to interact with humans through the use of telephone keypad inputs or voice. Organizations with high call volume prefer IVR system to attend their customer's queries.

Extend your business hours to 24x7 by our IVR service. Improve your customer service and reduce costs with IVR systems. Most of the time customer's query gets solved in properly customized menus in IVR system and if not, the call is transferred to customer service agent, who has customer's basic details already and he can attend the issue directly.

Small companies can also use IVR to show off their business to appear larger than it is. For example, a caller need not know that sales and support, both are redirected to the same person.

In the IVR, we guarantee customer retention as customers are satisfied with personalized service and also the interaction is more fulfilling for the agent. Contact us for the customized IVR services.

Inbound Sales

Inbound sales refer to situations in wherein the customer contacts the organization in order to enquire about and/or purchase a product or service. Inbound sales are fast becoming more profitable than traditional outbound sales.

Inbound Sales involves marketing focused on becoming found by desired customers either online or offline. So Inbound sales representatives, product knowledge and sales strategy are important in an Inbound sales process. We have a strong team of experienced inbound sales executives, who can be well trained for your products or services. We always follow a strong sales strategy in Inbound sales projects which can be customized as per your products and services.

Our Inbound sales' customer service starts right from getting all the basic details of the customer, his needs and a regular follow-up to make a sale and follow-up after sale to check if the customer is happy with the product or services.

Contact us for inbound sales service that can be completely customized for any product or service.

Order Taking

The buyers prefer to place orders by talking to a live person on phone rather than talking to an automated call. Outsource your order taking services to us and we will support your business in running smoothly with our service. If you are selling a single product or a catalogue of products, then you need a dedicated order taking team to serve the queries. Reduce infrastructure costs by outsourcing order taking services to us.

We have trained and experienced order takers who can handle your order taking service in a professional manner and you can obviously see how our order taking service improves the way your business takes orders and serves them.

Why choose us?

- We ensure complete customer retention and customer satisfaction through our dedicated Customer Service.
- Our Customer Care Agents are well trained to pacify irate customers and ensure optimum satisfaction of all customers.
- The Agents converse in neutral globally understandable accent.
- Our agents are proficient in operations of software such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and others, and reports (daily/weekly/monthly) are shared timely with our clients.

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The agents at C2C are focused and motivated call center professionals with expertise in sales and after sales service.

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