Outbound Call Center services

Telemarketing services are referred as outbound services. We have competitive and street-smart telemarketers who create the need to the customer and sell the products / services. Our team is capable of selling any product, services, solutions etc. The calls are made to the prospective customers or even to the existing customers with the idea to sell a product or conduct a survey so on or so forth.

We make calls to the database as provided by you, and apprise the potential customers of the services and products that your business offers. Our Call Center Executives possess immense experience of Tele-marketing.

Our Outbound Call Center Services include:

- Appointment Setting / Appointment Scheduling
- Telemarketing Services
- Market Research & Survey
- Subscription Renewals and Sales
- Verification Services
- Lead Generation
- Voice Broadcast

Appointment Setting / Appointment Scheduling

When it comes to building your business, appointment scheduling can be one of the most valuable services available to you. As experts in outbound appointment scheduling, we have the experience you need to partially or fully pre-qualify appointments, saving you and your sales force both time and money.

Best of all, utilizing us as your appointment scheduling partner ensures that your sales team is fully prepared to respond to the unique needs of your customers, preparing both the sales representative and their client for their scheduled meeting and making sure that the sales professional is prepared to address any and all questions and concerns that the customer might have.

Make an appointment with fortune by using our Appointment Schedule Services. As your business expands, handling a schedule of appointments becomes a cumbersome task. Delegate it to your most trusted partners and our highly organized Call Center Executives. We will confirm your appointments and catalogue them for you.

Telemarketing Services

Telemarketing or Telesales is the most popular as well as the most dynamic, effective communications and marketing techniques of these days.

The telemarketing services that we offer involve interaction with the prospective customers for generating interest in your products and services. Along with that also up-sell / promote and cross sell products to an existing customer base.

We make calls to the database as provided by you, and apprise the potential customers of the services and products that your business proffers. Our Call Center Executives possess immense experience of Tele-marketing.

We handle both Business to Business and Business to Consumer Telemarketing services with utmost professionalism. We have a team of experienced Tele Callers with which we have been delivering outstanding Telemarketing services.

Market Research/ Survey

Market Research and Survey is important for any business that wants to analyze the current status of the business with respect to product and services offered. It can also be done when they want to know the consumer's state of mind related to products or when the company wants to take organizational decisions or wants to know the industry trends.

To stay ahead in your business, you have got to know what is coming ahead for you in the market. A strategy based on strong research and surveys can only give you the competitive edge in the long run. Our marketing executives help you to conduct a market research with a realistic and rational sample.

Market Research/ Survey services that we offer are as follows:

Focus Group Calling
- Product Testing Preparation and Follow-Up Calling
- Customer and Client Follow-Up and Retention Calling
- and more!

We can also work in almost any industry or market segment including:

- Consumer products and services
- Advertising and marketing
- Business/ office services
- Entertainment – Regional and National, including Television and Film
- Political polls and surveys
- Transportation – airlines, railways, automotive, and more
- Lodging – hotels, resorts, timeshares and more

Subscription Renewals and Sales

For a long time we have been an industry leader in subscription renewal and sales programs. Our superior technology and experienced management team work together to create rapid, cost-efficient methods for delivering subscription reminder notices by phone or email as per your requirement.

Best of all, our sophisticated inbound call processing technology allows our experienced Call Center Agents and operators to provide the highest levels of customer care in the industry today. This unbeatable combination ensures higher subscriber retention rates and greatly increased revenue for your company.

Whether your products require a full or semi-automated renewal service, or a more personalized, hands-on approach, we are there to help. In scenarios where subscriber calls/ campaign may require a more involved response, our team of qualified Call Center Agents and operators can either handle the issue to your exact standards or we can transfer the call to one of your in-house sales representatives or even one of our own experienced supervisors as per your preference.

Verification Services

We provide one of the industry's best and most cost-efficient third-party verification services. Customized to meet your unique requirements, third-party verification by our answering services is capable of meeting the needs of virtually any industry such as:

- Retail
- Wholesale
- Software
- Long Distance
- Telemarketing
- And more!

Utilizing sophisticated technology and advanced software applications, our Call Center Agents and operators are able to handle your inbound or outbound verification calls better, faster, and at greater cost savings than virtually any other system available today. Our team and remarkable interactive voice response technology provides you the competitive edge that you are looking for.

Lead Generation

The idea behind lead generation is to get in touch with the prospective customers and to create an interest in their minds pertaining to the company's products or services by highlighting their advantages and benefits.

The one who successfully manages business leads, also eventually becomes the business leader. But the job of Lead generation is also one of the most time consuming. After making extensive calls, we filter the data to prepare a list of leads categorized on various criteria. These leads help you for business expansion and clinching deals.

Our specially trained professional call center representatives who procure leads of prospective customers through various ways making the customer comfortable enough to share his/her information spontaneously. Our team will be provided with adequate product knowledge which helps them in generating leads and providing effective services to our clients.

So when your company needs a lead generation partner capable of penetrating a screen, finding the decision maker and getting them talking, and simply generating interest in your product or service—we can help!

Voice Broadcast

Voice or Phone Broadcasting is a mass communications technique that sends a pre-recorded phone message to hundreds or thousands of call recipients at a time. A successful voice broadcast system can increase the sales leads & business revenue and reduce infrastructure cost and manpower.

We provide an end to end solution for you to broadcast your message to reach out to potential customers. Our Call Center Executives will draft, and record samples for the broadcast. Upon your approval, our Software experts will ensure that this digitally recorded message reaches the masses.

The applications of Voice Broadcast can be in:

Business - Official announcements can be broadcast to prospects/ customers.

Specific Situation - Alerts or notifications messages can be broadcast in the event of an emergency (eg; a natural disaster) to the members of a specific community or general public.

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